Product Detail

Product Description:

  * Patented technology, light and reliable

With gravity pendulum and magnetic damp self-leveling

     * The semiconductor laser, which wavelength 532nm, coming super brightness line

     * Emit four vertical line and one horizontal line, plumb below point.

     * With fine adjustment for convenient working.

     * With indoor & out door switch function.(Detector for optional)


        Laser wavelength: Vertical & Horizontal 5 x 532nm/520nm; Down point 1x 650nm

       Working range: 10m;40m(with detector)

       Self leveling range: Approx. ±3.0°

       Horizontal emissive angle:120°

       Vertical emissive angle:150°

       Horizontal precision: ±1mm/5m

       Vertical precision: ±1mm/5m

       Down point: ±1 mm/1.4m

       Power supply: 4.5V (3*AA batteries) or AC/DC

       Operating time: Approx. 6 hours

       Working temperature:-10°C~ +45°C

       Weight: 1.25Kg (with battery)